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Financial Aid

Brockton School offers both a bursary and scholarship program in the form of tuition fee reductions.

Brockton’s bursary program is intended to support families who otherwise would not be able to meet the financial expectations of the school as it relates to tuition. Bursaries are offered in the form of a tuition fee reduction and will be considered to a maximum of 50%. Bursaries also include a waiving of the family entry donation/bond (assuming such is not already in place). (Bursaries are only available to British Columbia residents)

In addition, Brockton has merit based entrance scholarships to students applying to grades 6 through 12. Scholarships are valued between $1000-$8000 per student in the form of a tuition fee reduction and include a waiving of the family entry donation/bond (assuming such is not already in place).


BURSARIES: How do they work?

In order to assess bursary applications and respective financial need, Brockton School secures the services of a third party agency, Apple Financial. Bursary applicants provide all necessary information to Apple Financial, and Apple Financial then makes a recommendation to Brockton School regarding the request.

Brockton School has a Bursary Committee, comprised of members of the School’s Board of Directors and the Head of School. With attention to confidentiality, the school Bursary Committee reviews recommendations from Apple Financial in order to make final bursary allocation decisions. Final Bursary Committee decisions will be communicated to each family in writing in a timely manner.

Bursary Application Procedures and Timelines 

  • Families apply to Brockton School by Application Deadlines.
  • Upon application to Brockton school, bursary applications can be submitted to Apple Financial by the family.
  • Apple Financial will make a recommendation of bursary allocation to Brockton School and Brockton School will make a final decision in consideration of applications and funds available.
  • For families already enrolled in the school, requests for bursary consideration are made annually to the school office by the school re-enrolment deadline date: March 8, 2018
  • For families applying for bursaries after March 8th, considerations for bursaries will only be made if adequate bursary funds are still available.


the Brockton School Entrance Scholarships are open to NEW students applying for admissions to grade 6,7,8,9,10,11 or 12.

Scholarships are valued between $1,000-$8,000 (one-thousand to eight-thousand Canadian dollars), payable in the form of a tuition fee reduction, and include a waiving of the family entry donation/bond (assuming such is not already in place).

Each scholarship is renewable annually, provided the recipient is enrolled as a full-time student at Brockton School, their academic achievement and Approaches to Learning skills [ grades ] remain at a high standard, and their engagement in and/or contributions to the life of the school/community continue to be meaningful. This criteria will be assessed by the Selection Committee.

Scholarship Application Procedures and Timelines

  • Students/Families will have applied to the school through the regular admissions processes. Report cards and information provided within the regular admissions process will be used to support the scholarship application.
  • Student/Families will submit a completed APPLICATION FORM (please request from Admissions Office).
  • Applications will be considered as follows: Priority: for applicants who have submitted their admissions and entrance scholarship applications by the end of day, January 1st* Additional scholarships will be considered for other applicants on a rolling basis if/as funds remain available.
  • Applicants will be notified in writing regarding the success of their application at the time of communication of an offer of admissions and/or as soon as possible post- application for the award.
  • Annual renewals will be communicated in writing by May 15th each school year.

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