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2018/2019 Schedule of Fees

(payable upon acceptance or by re-enrolment deadline; non-refundable)
BC Resident: Jr. Kindergarten 
$18,000 $3,000
BC Resident: Kindergarten to Grade 5  $18,900 $3,000
BC Resident: Grade 6 to Grade 10 $ 20,600 $3,000
BC Resident: Grade 11 & 12 $ 21,100 $3,000
International Students: Jr. Kindergarten   $ 24,500 $5,000
International Students: K to Grade 5 $ 25,400 $5,000
International Students: Grade 6 to Grade 10 $27,600 $5,000
International Students: Grade 11 & 12  $27,600 $5,000

The above BC Resident fees are dependent on the school receiving the per student operating grant from the Province of British Columbia.  In order to qualify for the provincial grant, a student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) must be: a citizen of Canada, or a permanent resident, as defined in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada), who is ordinarily resident in British Columbia; or is lawfully admitted to Canada and is ordinarily resident in British Columbia. Additionally, students must be enrolled in the school in a full time capacity and in compliance with attendance expectations and regulations. Where this grant is not received for a particular student charged BC Resident fees, the student’s tuition fees may be increased by approximately $2,500 in lieu of the grant.

Sibling Discount (only available to BC Residents): As a school that values family and community, Brockton provides significant sibling discounts as follows:
  • You pay the full tuition for your first child
  • Your second child receives a $2,000 discount on their tuition
  • Your third child receives a $3,000 discount on their tuition
  • Your fourth (or more) child receives a $6,000 discount on their tuition 
Activity Fee & Outdoor School Fee: The activity fee covers textbooks, non-reusable books, all school supplies (JK-5), the yearbook, and most field trips and activities (JK-12). Outdoor School Fees covers outdoor excursions/activities from grade 4 through 12. The activity fee and the outdoor school fee cannot be included in extended payment plans and are not applicable for financial aid. The Activity and Outdoor School Fees are not divisible; no item(s) may be excluded or paid separately.               
Activity Fees (per student)
Jr. Kindergarten to Grade 2 $575
Grades 3 & 4 $625
Grades 5 to 12 $675


Outdoor School Fees (per student)
Grades 4 & 5 $500
Grades 6 & 7 $580
Grades 8 to 12 $640


Application Fee: There is a non-refundable application fee per student in the amount of $300. 

New Student Fee: Each family (JK – Grade 12), upon acceptance, is required to pay the New Student Fee of $2,000 for each BC Resident student and $3,500 for each International student. This one time, non-refundable fee is separate from tuition. 
Brockton Entry Bond Program: Each family from Kindergarten to Grade 12, upon acceptance, is required to participate in the Brockton Entry Bond program. Details of the Donation/Bond program are available in a separate documentation (applicable per family).  
Financial Assistance (BC Residents Only): 
Brockton School provides financial support families who otherwise would not be able to meet the financial expectations of the School with respect to tuition and/or entry bond. Brockton makes both bursaries and entrance scholarships available to families who demonstrate need. These opportunities are available to families with children in all grade levels. 
For more information please see the Financial Assistance Application Information form, available from the School Office. 
International Student Documentation Required Extended Payment Plan Options (BC Residents Only): The School offers options for payment through the Extended Payment Plan Program. Additional details are available in separate documentation. 
International Student Documentation Required: International students are required to provide a valid student visa from Immigration Canada
Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school. 

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