An independent co-ed IB school (JK to Grade 12) in North Vancouver, Canada
Brockton Online Learning Track


Brockton School proudly introduces an eLearning platform that reflects the philosophy and vision of our incredibly special school. The platform provides a focus on excellence in teaching and learning while promoting relationships and connections that aim to inspire the growth of outstanding humans (the mission of Brockton School). Welcome the Brockton Online Learning Track - welcome BOLT!  

BOLT provides unique opportunities to Brockton and its community members in instances of: 

  • globally connected learning
  • special scheduling/programming
  • distance/remote learning
  • extended absences
  • disrupted learning
  • and more. 
BOLT has been purpose built with the developmental age/stage of the Brockton student in mind. While most eLearning programs serve only the independent learner, Brockton School has made efforts to engage all levels/types of learners. 
For example, within the BOLT platform for a disrupted learning environment:

A Senior School student (e.g., who is in the graduation program), who should be a more independent learner, will mirror a compressed in-class school day having the ability to more ‘easily’ manage one's own schedule and independently engage in synchronous (live time) and collaborative learning sessions; whereas

A Junior School student (e.g., who is in the primary program) will follow a plan that provides extensive flexibility to the caregiver/guide knowing that, while the child will gain extensively from the connection with teacher and peers, the child will need the support of a parent/guardian to log on to a device and there may be (at least at first) some challenges in the coordination of any synchronized (live time) scheduling.

BOLT - symbolizes power, strength, intellect (bright ideas), intuition and illumination; all words and ideas associated with Brockton School!  Enjoy the bright Brockton journey with BOLT! 

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