An independent co-ed IB school (JK to Grade 12) in North Vancouver, Canada

Faculty and Staff


Head of School Karen McCulla
Director of Finance Marta Brisco
Director of IB Continuum; Coordinator of PYP; Student Leadership Nichole Carrigan
Director of Senior School & Coordinator of DP & CP Brenda Ball
Director of Junior School & Coordinator of Early Learning Years Program Jane Richards
Director of Admissions & Enrolment Karen Keech
Admissions Coordinator Marla Sellyn
Director of Development Jennifer Galli
Coordinator of Marketing and Communications Amar Talic
Associate Director,
Student Services
Jamie Morris
Coordinator of CAS Paige Freeborn
Coordinator of Education Technology Integration Patrick Macmaster
Coordinator of Athletics and Outdoor Education Neil McIntyre

Junior School (PYP)

Junior Kindergarten Heleen McMullan
Junior Kindergarten Angela Sali
Kindergarten Abi Smart
Kindergarten Jillian Gale
Grade 1 Karly OConnor
Grade 1; Literacy Coordinator Christina Miller
Grade 2 Jasmine Bryan
Grade 2 Thea Gow-Jarrett
Grade 3 Micah Stern
Grade 3 Stephanie Loewen
Grade 3 Julie Kertesz
Grade 4 Tovah Kay
Grade 5 Kailee Deacon
Modern Languages - French Specialist Alize Thiercelin
Music Specialist Abbie Lu-Grahn
Art Specialist Jill Hird
Modern Languages - French Specialist Rhea Lofstrom
Outdoor Education Coordinator Megan Miller
Teacher; Outdoor Education Associate Coordinator Lindsay Mowat
Physical Education Specialist Matt Dochniak
Junior School ADST Teacher; Outdoor Education Support Carling Cross
Physical Education; Student Service Specialist Adam Wilson
Junior School Associate Teacher Holly Morgan
Junior School Associate Teacher Emily Hauner

Senior School (MYP, 11 and 12)

Grade 6 Advisor and Grade 6/7 POD Teacher Dana MacRae
Grade 7 Advisor and Grade 6/7 POD Teacher Claire Mills
Department Chair of Humanities: Individuals & Societies/ Social Studies; Language & Literature/ English Teacher Tanja Scott
DP Associate Coordinator; Department Chair Math & Science; Physics and Mathematics Teacher Svetlana Catia
Department Chair of Creative Arts; Music Specialist; Grade 11 Advisor Adrian Dyck
MYP Associate Coordinator; Theory of Knowledge,
Individuals & Socities/ Social Studies; Grade 8 Advisor
Lindsay Foster
Individuals & Societies/ Social Studies; Language & Literature/ English Teacher; Literacy Coordinator; Personal Project; Grade 10 Advisor Kaline Baker
IB DP History,
History 12,
MYP Individuals & Societies,
Comparative Cultures,
Grade 12 Advisor
Shannon Leggett
& MYP Sciences; Grade 10 Advisor
Chris Bell
Math and Science; Grade 8 Advisor; Lab Technician Cathy Clegg
Math and Science Gayethree Bojnauth
Music Specialist Paige Freeborn
Math and Science Douglas Tam
Design Technology Patrick Macmaster
Modern Languages - French Specialist Natalia Trotman
Physical Education Specialist; Grade 10 Advisor Neil McIntyre
Entrepreneurship 12; Economics 12; DP Business Management; DP Economics; Grade 11 Advisor Noble Kelly
Department Chair,
Modern Languages; French Specialist
Rhea Lofstrom
Art Specialist; Grade 11 Advisor Rojia Dadashzadeh
Modern Languages Specialist,
Grade 9 Advisor
Joanna Alexis
Language and Literature; Grade 9 Advisor Darhen Sing
Math and Science Leyda Vakarelov
Senior School Associate Teacher Angus Johnston

Student Services

Personal & Post-Secondary Counselling Julie Payne
Personal & Post-Secondary Counselling Hannah McCormack
Personal Counselling - Practicum Student Trixie Cruz
Post-Secondary Counselling Brenda Ball
Student Services - Learning Resource Yuko Keane
Student Services - Learning Resource Helen Zhai
Student Services - Learning Resources Jessica Silberg
Student Services - Learning Resource Julia Wolfenden
Learning Resource Teacher,
Student Services
Brianna Bishop
Associate Director of Student Services & Senior School Learning Resource Teacher Jamie Morris
Student Service Specialist Adam Wilson

Office Staff

Administrative Assistant; Registrar; Events Coordinator; Advancement Assistant Kelly Edwards
Administrative Assistant Rita Thibideau
Administrative Support Kathy Findlay
Business Office Deb Krzyczkowski
Business Office Madeleine Costanza
Business Office Anita Lee
Business Office Natalia Sharp
Digital Media Specialist Alan Ross
Facilities Coordinator Hart Gilbert

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