An independent co-ed IB school (JK to Grade 12) in North Vancouver, Canada
Diploma Programme (DP) - Grades 11 & 12
What is the Diploma Programme (DP)?
The Diploma Programme is one of four programmes offered within the Internationally Baccalaureate (IB) World Program, in addition to the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP), and Career Programme (CP).
The Diploma Programme (DP) provides a challenging, internationally focused, broad, and balanced educational experience for students aged 16 to 19. Students are required to study six subjects and a curriculum core concurrently over two years. The Diploma Programme is designed to equip students with the basic academic skills needed for university study, further education, and their chosen profession. Additionally the Diploma Programme supports the development of the values and life skills needed to live a fulfilled and purposeful life.
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Students at Brockton School my choose to take the:
  • Full Diploma Programme; or
  • Diploma Certificate Courses; and/or
  • BC Ministry of Education Graduation Program.
Each Brockton student, regardless of which of these three paths they choose, will be expected to have secured the BC Ministry of Education Dogwood Diploma at graduation.
Admissions to the Diploma Programme
The Brockton Diploma Programme invites all students aged 16-19 (grades 11 and 12) who wish to partake in this inquiry-based program.
Students will work with School Directors, Advisors, and Students Services Guidance Counselors to plan an academic program that best suits the needs and aspirations of each individual student.
As a continuum school, Brockton’s Diploma Programme builds on the strong foundations set by the Primary Years Programme (JK-Grade 5) and Middle Years Programme (Grade 6-10). However, students may join the Diploma Programme without having had prior exposure to the PYP and MYP.
Planning for Post-Secondary
When choosing courses and planning for the two years in the Diploma Programme, students and families should review post-secondary entrance requirements well in advance, ideally starting in late Grade 9 and continuing through the first half of Grade 10, prior to course selection for DP. Each post-secondary institution has different requirements and expectations and it is up to the students to ensure they meet the requirements of their intended post-secondary program through their course selections and planning process. Brockton allows students to make course requests, but will counsel students into the most appropriate courses to give them the best academic experience. Guidance will be based on academic results in Grade 10, students’ habits of mind in their Approaches to Learning (ATLs), and students’ post-secondary goals.

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