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We are extremely excited to begin our second year of Brockton School’s Junior   Kindergarten Programme. The Programme is open to children who will be 4 years of age by December 31st, 2017. We will have availability for 16 Brockton students in this full day class.

Brockton School’s Junior Kindergarten Programme will be completely unique from any other Pre-Kindergarten Programme on the North Shore and surrounding areas.

Our Programme will be unique for the following key reasons:

Brockton is unique.
Our (JK-grade 12) school environment is truly authentic. We are a small, highly-respected independent (ISABC) school with an outstanding staff that cares about each individual student and about professional “best practice.” We know how to listen, wehonour each child’s individuality and we differentiate teaching and learning.

Brockton is inclusive.
Brockton is welcoming to a diverse population and values contributions from everyone in its school community.

Brockton understands how children learn.
We value the role of inquiry, “hands on” challenges and play in every learner’s experience. Brockton is aware and engaged with the progressions of learning that will support student success over the years.

Brockton embraces the International Baccaluareate Programme.Our Junior Kindergarten will be an International Baccalaureate Programme and will incorporate a number of the Transdisciplinary Themes. Each day, the children will inquire into language, “hands on” math, play experiences, art and music.

The International Baccalaureate philosophy allows strong early years teachers to make learning concrete and tangible such that it suits the developmental ages and stages of each Junior Kindergarten student. Teachers will work within the framework of the  IB Early Years Programme, while still being responsive to the children’s interests.The goal is to have the children become active participants in their own learning. Among other innovative strategies, Brockton School is introducing three threads that will be maximized to weave the children’s ideas and learning into the larger IB curriculum.


These three threads will be: 

1. Outdoor Education
The children will be expected to be dressed for the weather so that will have full access to our outdoor education curriculum. We will be making generous use of our (soon to be re-created) garden, campus and near-by forest to allow each child to stretch his/her thinking through connections with the environment.

2. Photography
Each child will be provided with a camera that will belong to him/her for the whole year. Each child will be free to capture what they see; what they find interesting at school. These photographs will be used to drive the children’s inquiry and learning and will be a tool used to connect the learning with the IB learner profile, concepts, attitudes and skills.

3. Intergenerational Learning
Our Programme will be partnering with expert seniors from our community. Seniors will be engaged at specific times, to be a part of the students’ learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

We are excited about the incredible possibilities for your child’s growth and development.

Applications for Brockton’s Junior Kindergarten Programme are now being accepted. 
Email Admissions at with any questions and inquiries you might have.


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