An independent co-ed IB school (JK to Grade 12) in North Vancouver, Canada

Middle Years Programme (Grades 7 - 10)

Brockton’s Middle Years curriculum is taught within the framework of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization’s Middle Years Programme (MYP). 

The MYP is specifically designed to help mid-adolescence students aged 11 to 16, develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills necessary to participate actively and responsibly in a changing world. The MYP supports students in learning “how to learn” and also how to evaluate information critically, skills which are equally as important as learning facts.

Curriculum Framework

The overall philosophy of the programme is expressed through three fundamental concepts that support and strengthen all areas of the curriculum. These concepts are based on:

  • intercultural awareness;
  • holistic learning;
  • communication.

        The curriculum framework is structured around three interrelated questions:

  • What do we want to learn? The written curriculum that incorporates preparation and planning.
  • How best will we learn? The taught curriculum that takes advantage of innovative teaching strategies.
  • How will we know what we have learned? The learned curriculum that includes individual assessments.



The MYP curriculum contains eight subject groups together with a core made up of six global contexts and a culminating project in grade 10 – the Personal Project. The five areas of interaction include: approaches to learning, community and service, human ingenuity, health and service, and environments. Teachers are responsible for structuring varied and valid assessment tasks that allow students to demonstrate achievement according to the required objectives within each subject group.

To ensure that the MYP continues to be the foundation of the Grade 7 to 10 curriculum, students' results are determined by performance against a set of global standards (criterion-referenced), not by each student’s position in the overall rank order in the class. As part of MYP, all Brockton students gain a personal understanding of “internationalism” as it pertains to learning and living within a global society.

Click here for more information on the IB Middle Years Programme.

Brockton MYP students receive instruction in 8 core subject areas.  These include: Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, French, Design Technology, Physical Education, Visual and Fine Arts and Music. Co-curricular programmes are introduced throughout the year to augment the classroom learning. For those students involved in high level athletic and arts programmes outside of the school, flexible scheduling is available to help accommodate their pursuits.



The study of French as a second language, started in the Primary Years Programme, continues with instruction by a specialist teacher of French; a third language will be added to the curriculum in due course. Our French teacher is well accustomed to having “beginners” in the French class at any level and varied prior experiences of students in language is expected.


Fine and performing arts

All MYP students can be involved in fine and performing arts in one form or another. Art is offered both as part of the curriculum and as a co-curricular option. Drama is also offered as a Discovery course option. Music, the Brockton World Music Programme, is part of the curriculum up to Grade 10. The students have been fortunate on two occasions to be able to represent Canada and perform at the ISME conference, 2008 in Beijing and in 2012 in Thessaloniki. In future years we have been invited to perform at the prestigious Salzburg music festival and Aberdeen International Youth festival.


Physical education

All MYP students take physical education within the school timetable, taught by a specialist teacher. The curriculum offers various sports usually offered in schools, such as volleyball, basketball and badminton. Other team and individual sports are introduced throughout the year (for example, ultimate and track and field). In addition, Brockton offers a range of age-appropriate athletic activities in its co-curricular programme at lunch and after school.


Co-curricular programs

MYP students enjoy Brockton’s many co-curricular activities. Click here for more information.


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