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Junior School Co-Curricular Program

Brockton School offers a diverse range of co-curricular programming. As a school focussed on developing the 'whole child', Brockton encourages students/families to pursue opportunities for a broad-based development (e.g., intellect, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and more).


Brockton offers the following categories of co-curricular activities within the Junior School: 

- Athletics - sponsored by Brockton School

- School Based Co-Curricular Activities - sponsored by Brockton School

- Community Co-Curricular Activities (BOUNCE) - provided by community partners at Brockton School


Brockton's Co-Curricular program uses a mobile friendly website to share information about offering, games/practices/meetings, registrations, and other communications communications. 

If your child is interested in being involved with the Brockton Co-Curricular program, please visit: FOR FALL ACTIVITIES HERE!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 


Junior School Term One Athletics and Activities: 

Athletics: Volleyball, Boys Soccer, Cross Country Running

School Based Co-Curricular Activities: Leadership, Community Action Teams, Mindful Kids, Destination Imagination, Singing Club, Fencing, Book Club

Community Based Co-Curricular Activities BOUNCE*: Ultimate Frisbee, Magic Wand, Bricks for Kids; refer to additional details HERE for the Brockton BOUNCE program. 


Junior School Term One Athletics and Activities Schedule: 

Term1 Bounce Program Schedule


Junior School Annual Athletic Programs and Season: 


Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports





Cross Country

Grades 3 - 7




Grade 5 Girls Volleyball Grades 4 - 5
Grade 7 Girls Volleyball Grades 6 - 7




Grade 5 Boys Soccer Grades 4 - 5


Girls Soccer - Grades 5 - 7



Girls Basketball Team Grades 5 - 7
Grade 5 Boys Basketball Team - Grades 4 - 5
Grade 7 Boys Basketball Team - Grades 6 - 7




Swimming Grades 3 - 7





Boys Rugby - Grades 5 - 7 

Track & Field and Triathlon



Grades 3 - 7  




Mixed Ultimate Frisbee - Grades 6 - 7

*Please speak to Mr. McIntyre if you are interested in competing for Brockton at the ISEA Swimming Championships*




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