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January 25th 2017

Harvest Drive

Hello Brockton Community,
Last week’s Winter Concert was the wrap up of the Community Action Team for Social Responsibility Harvest Project Campaign. We are happy to announce that our goal of 1000 items was met in full, and we ended up with a final total of 2,568 donations! As team members we are incredibly grateful for all of your participation, and we cannot believe the scale of items that were generously donated. All of the donations have already been picked up and brought to the Harvest Project facility on the North Shore, and we are incredibly proud to show off the generosity of our community. We are also happy to say we even made it onto the Harvest Project Facebook page. Thank you again for your astounding participation in this campaign, and please know that your donations will greatly enrich the lives of many families on the North Shore!
On Wednesday, January 25, our team visited the Harvest Project Headquarters in North Vancouver, where we were hosted by Joe McGuinness (the Community Engagement Coordinator), who educated us about how The Harvest Project provides a safety-net for hundreds of our neighbours in and around North Vancouver. We were all surprised to learn that the Harvest Project is not just a "food bank" - it also provides critical counselling in personal, financial, and educational matters; offers services like child care and art therapy; and houses a free grocery and clothing store. The Harvest Project is connected to all of the social organizations on the North Shore, and is an important source of networking and support. On Wednesday we toured the entire facility, attended a presentation/workshop, and saw the kitchen area, where a local chef creates nourishing meals for their volunteers and clients.
We look forward to further reflecting on the five pillars of the Harvest Project: Respect, Compassion, Accountability, Dignity and Hope. We will then take what we have learned and share it with the Brockton community in the following weeks, so that our peers can understand:
  • the significance of helping our community through caring actions
  • that it is our social responsibility to use our privilege to help those in need
  • how to foster new relationships within the community
We are excited to see what this new year holds and will set our sights even higher in the future!
Thank you,
Kenzie O’Day
On behalf of the Community Action Team for Social Responsibility
Special thank you to Bosa Foods (and the Benedet Family), who donated  50cases of pasta (1000 packages) and 50 cases of diced canned tomatoes (600 tins) to the cause. The Bosa Foods Community congratulates Brockton students on achieveing their goal through their hard work and dedication, and acknowledges the performace at Winter Concert as both inspiring and humbling. 
Here are the final House Team points: 
Monashee = 147
Tantalus = 273
Cheakamus = 200
Garibaldi = 161
Total = 781
Brockton community donations: 1817
GRAND TOTAL (drum roll please) = 2,598

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