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February 8th 2017

The Graden - Art Show


February 14 – March 10, 2017
Event : Thursday February 16, 6-8 pm
Visit Ms. Dadashdadez (Senior School Art Teacher) and her Art Exhibition
FROM Ms. Dadadashdadez:
I am excited to share with you that after a period of vigorous work and determination, The Garden (a collaborative installation with another fellow Vancouver artist) has come to fruition and is being exhibited at Pendulum Gallery in downtown Vancouver. I would like to invite you and your family to the opening night next Thursday Feb 16th from 6-8pm. Full information is below. If you have been in my program, you know the huge emphasis I place on social responsibility, advocacy, awareness, and change. Given our current political climate, the cultural awareness that this installation fosters is particularly timely and of relevance. I welcome you to visit the show and experience how art is able to transform a public space into one that is inviting and encourages contemplation, discussion, reconsideration, education, and social awareness.
The Garden


Gardens, both as form and idea, have had a major impact on the development of visual art. LandscapePainting is a genre into itself. Gardens are used as metaphor and setting, place and non-place, and as a subject for developing themes on the relationship between man and nature. The location of this exhibition in a gallery space that itself is contained in a large glass atrium, suggests one element of garden vocabulary; the greenhouse or glasshouse, elements of which go back to the Roman period. The development of glass covered Atriums in contemporary building design have allowed gardens to be incorporated into interior spaces. For the first 10 years of this Atrium, a small grove of full grown California Olives occupied the space where the gallery is now located, planted in tree pits in the concrete floor.
Dadashzadeh and Hardy’s exhibition abstracts the physical components of gardens - plants, walls and enclosures, paved surfaces, water and architectural elements - and establishes a series of linked tableaus referencing historical, personal and imaginary garden spaces. Intense colour, irregular, organic shapes and surprising surfaces are assembled into a series of works that connect to historical and culturally varied elements of garden design; from Persian walled gardens and the romance of the ruin, to contemporary ideas of the garden as a set design of abstract forms and textured surfaces. This installation reminds us that a garden is not simply nature, but rather a human construction incorporating forms and materials from natural landscapes, arranged in both personal and culturally-determined ways, that in their essence provide fundamentally meaningful relationships with the natural world.
Rojia Dadashzadeh & Allison Hardy

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