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June 3rd 2017

Playground and Landscape: Taking Shape

First and foremost, thank you to Deb Dunham and Nancy Zadra, as well as our young JK gardeners and their teachers,  for the amazing job with our gardens out front of the school! Deb and Nancy have dedicated a great amount of time/energy to planting and maintaining these gardens.  
Around the other side of the school, a new vegetable gardend and shrub/floral garden is taking shape. In addition, the recent delivery of a culvert (tunnel) has Brockton students excited and wondering: what will those purpose-sculpted dirt piles become? Alas, it is all a part of the plan to further the natural aspects of the playground and landscape at Brockton. Thanks to the visionary efforts of the playground/landscape team of last year and the vision and hard work of select staff, student, and community volunteers (including Mr. Owen Reid), things are indeed coming together. The intent is to maximize the use of natural elements to sculpt our playground and landscape in exciting ways. As this process takes shape, we thank you our students and families for the continued patience and support. 
Families are welcome to support the efforts in various ways. Please take note that: 
a) some work party dates will be announced to engage parents, students, and friends of Brockton (stay tuned)
b) we welcome the contribution and/or networking to source supplies (please contact or the school office): 
- access to landscaping equipment and materials
- logs
- boulders
- tractor/big tires
- wood chips
- turf
- benches 
Already, we would like to thank the Wilson family and JACK CEWE Ltd for the generous contributions to date. We also thank Owen and Bev Reid for their many efforts to date. Finally, thank you to the Community Action Team for Environmental Responsibility and other Brockton students and teachers for their many efforts.  

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