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November 2nd 2017

The POD Program at Brockton from a Studentís Perspective

What is the POD?
We are a small community of grade 6 & 7 students that are between the Junior and Senior Schools. It is like a training facility in which the learning is personalized and tailored to the needs of the students. The aim is to get us prepared to meet the challenges and expectations of being in the Senior School starting in grade 8. The POD is a way for us to make a smooth transition into the Senior School.
What have been some of the POD highlights so far?
  • That we have privileges that are different from the Junior School
  • Outdoor school at Camp Fircom
  • The POD shirt we are creating
  • To feel more like Senior School students
  • Making new friends in grade 6 and 7
  • New experiences and being part of a new program
What are you looking forward to this year in the POD?
  • Spending time with the grade 6s (or 7s)
  • Wearing the POD shirt we create
  • Learning new things that will help us to be good Senior School students
  • Playing basketball and learning science in the lab
  • Having more responsibility and independence
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Being part of the CATs (Community Action Teams)
From a Teacher’s Perspective
The warm summer days have long gone and the cool air of fall finds us happy and settled in the POD program of Brockton. Our grade 6 and 7 students are establishing routines and have adapted well to their new environment. As teachers, we have witnessed many benefits to this configuration. Through leadership opportunities, academic collaborations, and extra-curricular activities, the students are active in their learning and setting goals for the upcoming school year. We are looking forward to the journey that our students take us on during the first year of the POD and creating a unique program that supports the needs of our “middle school” students, making Brockton a special place to learn.

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