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February 20th 2018

World Music Program - The Compassion Project

Congratulations to all World Music Program students in grades 6-12 ... and Brockton Alumni... on their performance at the Blueshore Centre for the Performing Arts at Capilano University on Wednesday evening! With the performance being on Valentine's Day, the students and directors decided to focus the theme of the evening's performance on love and compassion. Students took the opportunity to share their deepening understanding of what it means to be loving, and identified 7 ingredients of love; Gratitude; Thoughtfulness and Integrity; Friendship and Inclusivity; Empathy; Trust; Compassion and Kindness; Celebrating Diversity.   
All of the music and words spoken from the stage brought this theme to life, and the students played with passion, skill, energy, and a lot of HEART!  
An enormous thank you to the many teachers, parents, and friends of Brockton who made the evening a success. A particular thank you to our Directors of the World Music Program.  See details below: 


It takes a village...

  • Our Senior School Music Directors, Adrian Dyck and Paige Freeborn: thank you for the passion, dedication, and creativity you bring to the Senior School music program at Brockton School.

  • Our Head of School, Karen McCulla; Senior School Director, Brenda Ball; and Director of Community Development, Bev Reid: thank you for everything you do for Brockton School, so that we can continue to support our students, and help them reach their full potential!

  • Our concert crew Jamie Morris, Claire Mills, Dana Macrae, and Mark Johnson: you have provided invaluable support today and this evening, allowing our students to be able take to the stage and shine with creative confidence.

  • Our front office staff Rita Thibideau and Kelly Angell: thank you for your endless patience and sense of humour. We are thrilled you will be two of the chaperones joining us on our World Music Program Europe tour this summer.

  • Brockton’s Coordinator of Marketing and Communications, Amar Talic: thank you for your ongoing support.

  • Brockton’s Design Technology teacher, Patrick Macmaster: thank you for being here tonight, and for photographing this event.

  • Alumnus and first graduate of Brockton School, Alan Ross: thank you for your work as graphics and technical director this evening, and for your continued dedication to Brockton School and the World Music Program. We are thrilled you will be one of the chaperones on our World Music Program Europe tour this summer.

  • Brockton Grade 3 parent, Cory Kinney: thank you for your creativity and passion, and for your videography work tonight.

  • Brockton’s Senior School faculty: thank you for supporting today’s events.

  • World Music Program alumni Andreas Schmaling, Pascal Fengler, and Emmanuel Zorzos: thank you for your ongoing support, expertise, mentorship, and inspiration.

  • World Music Program Senior School Junior Specialized Ensemble mentors Christopher Beattie and Conor Macfarlane: thank you for your focus, dedication, and efforts over the past year and a half.

  • Our parent volunteers Kirsten Wilson, Sandra Ungemach, and Julie Dunsterville: thank you for your time and expertise.

  • Brockton Accountant Malika Hamchaoui: thank you to you and your family for helping tonight.

  • To our audience this evening: thank you for joining us on Valentine’s Day, and for your loving support of all of the students and alumni on the stage tonight!

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