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June 8th 2018

Library and School Book Return

Time for summer reading and time to return those library books and classroom readers.  Finish those chapters, look high, look low, look under the bed!
Library books should have been returned by June 15th. Should you locate books after this date, please feel free to return when you find them.  
Keep in mind for the fall: we are looking for sports-related books to be donated to the junior library.  Many of our current books about sports are very outdated (1980's or older) and do not include women/girls or those with physical challenges. We would love to update our collections to reflect today's understanding of who an athlete is and to represent the diversity that is Brockton.
Thank you to everyone who donated books both new and used throughout the year.  We appreciate the generosity and the donations of books that our students loved!  Many completed a collection or series, added to our graphic novels, or introduced us all to something new.  
Most importantly, thank you to the wonderful women who volunteered in the library; your help and your friendship have brightened the days in the library.
Have a wonderful summer and keep reading!

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