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September 4th 2018

Brockton's First Fifteen

IT IS TIME TO CELEBRATE as 2018/2019 marks the 15th Year in Brockton’s history! As the history books of Brockton show, in 2003/2004 a group of inspired and courageous parents and their children, along with a brave Head of School, launched what has become one of the greatest learning communities on this planet (stated with absolutely no bias). Please join your school community in celebrations throughout the year of Brockton’s first fabulous fifteen years: honouring our foundations, embracing our present, and building our future - together! Celebratory events include (*note: many of these dates are subject to change; families are encouraged to read newsletters and keep updated with the brockton calendar on the school website):  
  • Board Pancake Breakfast: September 26th @ Brockton School
  • Wine and Cheese: September 28th @ Brockton School
  • Brockton Founder’s Dinner: Date and Details - TBA
  • Alumni Social: Dates and Details - TBA
  • Junior School Concert and Performances: Dates and Details TBA
  • 15th Year Celebration - WMP Concert: February 21st @ Cap U
  • Brockton Gala: February 23rd @ Polygon Art Gallery
  • Grand parent’s Tea: Date TBA @ Brockton School - TBA
  • Summerfest: June @ Brockton School - TBA
  • Lynn Valley Parade: June in Lynn Valley - TBA

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