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September 4th 2018

Safety First - Traffic and Parking

Safety is a priority of the school and must be a priority for all of our members. Please take note of the essential expectations below.
In addition to safety, we wish to continue to be a good neighbour within the community. Our relations with neighbours should be significant to all of us. Finally, please be aware and considerate of our growing school, the increased traffic, and limitations on parking capacity. If you can arrange carpools, transit, or other means, then that is encouraged (note: the school is presently exploring a bussing program and will provide updates as we progress). 
  • Please adhere to speed limits in the neighbourhood and in the parking lot area.
  • When parking on campus, please park in the designated spots and do not block traffic.
  • Please follow the circulation path as designated. 
  • If your child is old enough to walk onto campus from the roadway (Duval or other), please encourage them to do so (our parking lot and traffic flow have a limited capacity). For example, all high school students (grade 8-12) should be able to walk from Duval road during busy drop off/pick up times (yes, even in the rain). 
  • Parking on campus will be limited. Parking on campus is primarily meant for faculty/staff, those with physical limitations or challenges, those dropping or retrieving the youngest of our students (e.g., JK and K), and of course those who purchased spots at the Brockton gala.
  • If you can carpool, transit, or find other means to travel to the school, it is encouraged. 
  • For major school events that do not involve the use of the grounds, the school will consider allowing parking on the gravel fields. For events that do involve use of the grounds (e.g., BBQ and Summerfest), community members are encouraged to be considerate of neighbours in sourcing parking spots off campus. 
  • Please DO NOT park in the reserved spots (unless of course, you have rights to those spots). 
Please note, that as we do each year, we have asked the North Vancouver RCMP to monitor safe traffic in the area of the school. In short, we would rather you arrive safely (and keep others safe) than arrive a few minutes late. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation with this essential expectation of all of our community members. 

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