An independent co-ed IB school (JK to Grade 12) in North Vancouver, Canada

Strategic Direction

Brockton School offers a unique educational experience, inspired by a vision, mission and values that are wholly focused on the success and wellbeing of our students.

Our vision

Where every student matters.
Where every family matters.
Where community matters.
Where learning for life matters. 

Our mission

To inspire the growth of outstanding humans. 

Our values

Our journey

In 2011, when the Brockton community set out to shape the School’s strategic direction, and to establish its goals, we recognized that a true vision is one that is shared.

Every member of the community had an opportunity to contribute to the plan. We talked about what we loved and cherished about the School; the things we could do better; what we thought the School was for; and where we saw our future.

Over a 12-month period, we engaged in research, analysis, consultation, and countless hours of dialogue that would determine the successful growth of the School for the next 10 years.

During those conversations, we recognized time and again that our strategy returned to a critical theme and focus. The growth of the School was entirely dependent on the continued success of its students. Consequently, the elements of the plan were developed with our students always in mind, and founded on principles that were critical to them:

  • Brockton is and will stay a small community school;
  • Faculty, education and leadership excellence are paramount;
  • The School’s proven IB programme is fundamental to our vision;
  • Enabled by smaller class sizes within a community school, Brockton’s focus will always be on the specific needs of the individual student.


Our goals


Brockton students are engaged, prepared and confident, and the School maintains the ideal environment through constant evaluation of the student’s individual experience.


Brockton’s parents have a deep sense of ownership in the School, and are committed to its community. The School regularly seeks feedback and input from parents, to assist in making Brockton the best place it can be for its students.


Brockton’s facilities are modest, yet state of the art. The School’s North Vancouver location, and our student learning environment, will be enhanced through the acquisition and development of its land.


Brockton’s JK-12 programme provides options and choices for its students to succeed in their selected paths. Through assessment-based admissions, and a constant attention to excellence, the School’s students work to exceptional academic standards.


Every Brockton educator is committed to living the vision, personally and as a team, offering transformational leadership to students at every stage of their journey during their time at Brockton.


With a governance model that is consistently engaged with and fully representative of the School’s community, Brockton is responsibly supported in meeting its vision, and its commitment to students.


Brockton’s leadership team is empowered and innovative, with a passion for excellence that is relentlessly focused on students’ wellbeing and success.


Our outreach initiatives make a positive impact on our students by seeking opportunities to benefit from the knowledge, skills and contribution, in every form, from all corners of community.


The heart of the School is present through constant nurturing of the spirit of Brockton, an inclusive, welcoming and safe learning environment, where every student is respected, valued and special.


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