An independent co-ed IB school (JK to Grade 12) in North Vancouver, Canada

Strategic Direction


Brockton School Essential Details: 2020-2025


Brockton School Essential Details: 

Brockton is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, co-educational, non-denominational, IB World Continuum, day School located in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Brockton School Vision Statement: 2020-2025


  • A vision statement defines a future state of being; where we are headed. 

Brockton will be a global influencer in educating and inspiring the growth of outstanding humans in contribution to a better world. 
Brockton School is and will be: 

  • where every student matters, 
  • where every family matters,
  • where community matters, and
  • where learning for life matters.


Brockton School Mission Statement 2020-2025


  • A mission statement expresses: why we exist, what we do, and why we do what we do. A mission statement defines our purpose. 

Brockton School’s Mission is to inspire the growth of outstanding humans. 


Brockton School Guiding Principles 2020-2025

Guiding Principles: describe the beliefs that drive behaviours and are the ideas and principles that guide interactions.  
Where every student matters: each student is recognized as unique and is valued for their individual genius; every student is considered important; the student is the centre of all that we do; every student’s potential as an outstanding human is nurtured. 
Where every family matters: each family is recognized as unique; each family is considered important; opportunities for a diverse collective of families are promoted and supported. 
Where community matters: all members of the community (staff, students, parents, alumni, volunteers, donors, partners, and more) are valued; there is an essential partnership of student-parent-school; relationships, connection, and responsibility to community - at the School, local, and global level - are prioritized. 
Where learning for life matters: the exceptional, challenging, inquiry-based program is underlined by a fundamental focus on holistic life education (e.g., ultimately aiming to meet the ideals of the “portrait of the graduate”); while preparing for the next ‘chapter’ of one’s journey is important, the ultimate goal is to educate for one’s life journey; Brockton aims to inspire students to WANT to learn throughout their lifetime; Brockton aims to inspire students and community members to make a positive difference to their own lives, to the lives of others, and ultimately to our shared world.

Brockton School Portrait of the Graduate 2020-2025


EVERY one of Brockton’s Graduates is unique and valued. As an aspiration, Brockton’s Graduates will be outstanding humans who exhibit: 

Purpose: appreciate the opportunity and responsibility to live a meaningful life in contribution to a better world
Conscientiousness: live with awareness (of place, time, self, others) and with integrity as a principled and compassionate individual 
Humility: are generous with gratitude, respect, and empathy, particularly when challenges and differences are present
Self-Discipline: manage and direct the pursuit of aspirations, with an appreciation for the necessity of balance and joy in life
Connection: prioritize relationships, communication, and connection; honour the privilege and the responsibility of being a part of community; think and act with international-mindedness
Inquisitiveness: are curious, creative, courageous, industrious, and critical thinkers prepared not only to find the answers, but to ask the questions
Resilience: have a personal strategy to engage, reflect, recover, persevere, and adapt/pivot; learn from failure as well as success (and recognize the connection between these)
Preparedness: embrace and seek out next steps, continue to learn and grow throughout an ever-evolving life journey



Brockton School Characteristics of Professional Excellence 2020-2025


EVERY one of Brockton’s School’s Staff members is unique and valued. Brockton’s staff members will individually and collectively 
aspire to exhibit the following characteristics of excellence: 

Alignment: align with and promote Brockton School’s Strategic Plan  while engaging with the school’s philosophies and strategies; do so with an awareness (of place, time, self, others)
Safety: place student safety and well-being as the priority in all instances
Inspiration: inspire students to want to learn; promote growth mindsets and lifelong learning
Model: model and promote the Portrait of the Graduate & the IB Learner Profile
Student/Relationship Centred: cultivate a learning environment that is student-centred, that recognizes each student (and family) as unique, and that promotes authentic and professional connections/relationships 
High Standards: embrace high standards of professional conduct and professional excellence; pursue best and innovative practice; embrace lifelong learning and personal professional growth
Communication: communicate and respond appropriately and genuinely with students, parents, and other community members, respecting diverse needs and perspectives (including one’s own)
Collaboration: actively, and with a positive mindset, support and work alongside colleagues in one’s individual and collective work; acknowledge that we are on a shared journey and that we are better together; trust and be trustworthy
Enjoyment: have fun… seriously.


Brockton School Strategic Pillars 2020-2025


Strategic Pillars define the thematic areas of focus for a strategic plan. 

Brockton School’s Strategic Pillars

  1. Community Development
  2. Teaching and Learning
  3. Governance & Growth 


Brockton School Strategic Priorities: 1. Community Development 2020-2025


A. Embrace a Strategic Plan that defines our school’s unique strategic position and trajectory (including vision, mission, strategic priorities, the portrait of the graduate, and characteristics of professional excellence).

B. Develop and implement a scalable strategic Advancement Plan that considers: 

i. an admissions and enrolment plan that attends to strategic  retention, attraction, and growth.
ii. a strategic marketing and communications plan (internal and external) that recognizes Brockton’s unique position.
iii. a strategic development plan that resonates with the community and serves the development needs of the school.

C. Honour, nurture, and further develop our Community Culture (student, parent, alumni, board, committee, faculty/staff, extended community).


Brockton School Strategic Priorities: 2. Teaching & Learning 2020-2025


A. Continue to develop structures and systems that optimally serve our learning community (most significantly, students, and parents).
B. Further the strategic development of Curricular Programming to promote innovation, excellence, and future oriented success for students. 
C. Further our strategic consideration and development of Extended Programming to promote innovation, excellence, and future oriented success for students. 
D. Prioritize hiring, retention, development, recognition, and compensation of faculty and staff such that characteristics of professional excellence are promoted.
E. Vision the immediate, interim, and long range facilities, systems, and resources needed to support optimal Brockton programming and educational experience.


Brockton School Strategic Priorities: 3. Governance & Growth 2020-2025


A. Develop and implement a Strategic Financial Plan (Strategic Priorities and associated costs for 3-6 years) that is married to the Strategic Plan.

B. Develop and implement an interim and long range strategic Campus Master plan and associated financing plan.

C. Further strategic organizational development (using best practice models of affiliate organizations such as ISM, CAIS, NAIS, and ISABC). 

D. Further strategic governance development (using best practice models of affiliate organizations such as ISM, CAIS, NAIS, and ISABC).

E. Develop scalable systems that allow for regular data based  assessment of progress and associated adjustments as required. 

F. Develop and maintain a comprehensive Risk Register that prioritizes items essential to Brockton’s Strategic progress. 


Brockton School Strategic Priorities Translated into action 


Each Strategic Priority will be addressed within tactical actions as adopted by the various board committees and departments/divisions within the school. 

Tactical plans will define actions to be taken, along with corresponding ownership, timelines, and metrics. 

Brockton School will be the future because Brockton School will create its future - step by step, as a community, and for the greater community. 

Brockton School will make a positive impact on the world by 
“Inspiring the Growth of Outstanding Humans.” 



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