Welcome to Brockton’s Online Community Base

Welcome to Brockton’s new community base!

This website has been in the works for a while. We knew we needed a hub, where our current community can come to find resources they need, and where future community members can come for information about what makes Brockton, Brockton. We wanted a site that was beautiful as well as functional, and that was future-focused and responsive, like our school. And our old site wasn’t cutting it.

We recruited some friends at North Shore Digital to help us plan out what we wanted our site to achieve. Our goals included a more mobile-friendly site, a blog and stories page to highlight the going-ons at our campus, and a secure hub where parents can access all of the information they need. We gathered content, took photos, wrote pages and edited, and then North Shore Digital got to work, building our online space. Like a first-time home builder, we watched with anticipation as our ideas came to life.

On this site you can find information about our school, important dates, parent information, the staff directory, stories and more. So welcome! We hope you like it here.

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