An independent co-ed IB school (JK to Grade 12) in North Vancouver, Canada

Grade 8 -12 Extra/Co-Curricular Programs

Brockton School offers a diverse range of extra/co-curricular programming. As a school focussed on developing the 'whole child', Brockton encourages students/families to pursue opportunities for a broad-based development (e.g., intellect, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and more).

Brockton offers the following categories of extra/co-curricular activities: 
- Athletics - sponsored by Brockton School
- School-Based Co-Curricular Activities - sponsored by Brockton School


Extra/Co-Curricular Program for all Grade 8-12 students:

The Senior School Extra/Co-Curricular Program (previously called Block 5), is intended to provide a rich learning experience that complements the academic programming and provides opportunities for extended overall student growth and leadership at Brockton. It a comprehensive program of extra/co-curricular opportunities; all Senior School students and staff are engaged in activities after school (and sometimes at lunch and before school) in order to offer students opportunities to engage in a different way in enriching activities, focused around Culture, STEM, Service, Performing Arts, Athletics, and Social Engagement. Each club, group or team will have an Activity Captain or Chairperson who is the leader and represents the group to the administration as well as in competitions (if applicable). 


Fall Programs offered to all Grade 8 - 12 students








Performing Arts 

Senior Specialized Ensemble


Senior School Choir

Zoom Film Festival 
Intermediate Specialized Ensemble
Athletics (Competitive)

Junior Running Club

Gr. 8-10 Girls Volleyball

Senior Boys Volleyball

Junior Girls Volleyball

Senior Boys Volleyball

Senior Boys Volleyball

Junior Girls Volleyball

Junior Cross Country 

Senior Boys Volleyball

Academic (Club/Rec Health & Wellness)

Duke of Edinburgh/Outdoor Club


Yoga/Meditation Club   


Culture / Digital

Culture/language Club



Photography club Tabletop Gaming Club
STEAM/ Academic

Reach (for the top)

Science Keener’s Club

Math Club

Junior STEAM Club


Destination Imagination

Biology club

Book Club

Junior Book Club 

DELF French club

Creativity, Activity, Service


Community Action Team -Arts & Culture 

Lab Tech Internship

Community Action Team -Health & Wellness

Community Action Team -Environmental Responsibility

Community Action Team -Social Responsibility

Community Action Team -School Spirit




Social Engagement  SOGI club / GSA         


Brockton Grizzlies Senior School Athletic Program:

The Brockton Athletics program uses the Playyon platform to share information about games/practices and to support student-athlete registration. If your child is interested in participating in any Brockton athletic program, then please go to the Playyon website to register (see below for additional detail of how to best access and use the Playyon platform). 

Fall Sports

Winter Sports Spring Sports
Grades 8-10 Boys Volleyball Grades 8-10 Boys Basketball  Grades 8 - 12 Mountain Biking Team (Coed)
Grades 8-10 Girls Volleyball Grades 8-10 Girls Basketball  Grades 8 - 12  Track & Field Team (Coed) 
Grades 11-12 Boys Volleyball Grades 11-12 Boys Basketball (pending interest) Grades 8 - 12 Ultimate Frisbee Team (Coed)
Cross Country Running (pending interest)  Grades 11-12 Girls Basketball (pending interest)  Grades 8 - 12 Golf (Coed) (Pending Interest)
  Grades 8-12 Swim Team (Coed) Grades 8 - 12 Tennis  (Pending Interest)


*Please speak to Mr. McIntyre if you are interested in competing for Brockton at the GVISAA Swimming Championships*

NOTE: if you wish to download the Playyon Platform to your mobile device:
a) load the address as provided in the LINK onto your mobile browser (
b) use the upload button to add the page to your home screen 
Should you need assistance, please ask us. 


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