An independent co-ed IB school (JK to Grade 12) in North Vancouver, Canada

School Programs

All members of the Brockton School community strive to honour, in their daily behaviour, the school's core values of truth, trust, honesty and mutual respect. At Brockton, students have lockers, but no locks; there is simply no need for students to secure their personal property against their fellow students. Brockton's school culture is unique, and is articulated in the Student Handbook.

This unique school culture and the connection that Brockton teachers have with their students leads to an atmosphere where children learn in a physically and psychologically safe environment where the students want to learn. At Brockton, "It is O.K. to study". At Brockton, we ensure that each student has time with their teachers to explore new ideas, to receive feedback, to get to know one another. An outcome of this relationship is a true partnership in learning and living. What students take away from Brockton is much more than "marks"; they leave with tools for life. We believe that lifelong learning should be enjoyable to be fruitful.

Parent involvement is also key to Brockton's culture. It validates for the child the parents' choice of school. Although parent involvement need not include volunteering at the school (Brockton is not a "parent participation" school in that sense) there are many volunteer opportunities available for those parents who are interested.

At Brockton, we communicate frequently and effectively with all of our constituents (parents, teachers and students) on all matters, for example, programmes, student progress, governance and parent activities. Brockton is clear about its purposes and the school's vision, and we have adopted a proactive style of communication as a top priority.



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