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To walk into a Brockton Early Learning space is to walk into a place of warmth, joy, and inspiration. Brockton’s Early Learning Programme has become known as among the best available and was purpose built by outstanding leaders in early learning.

Our high-quality early learning program helps children build a strong foundation for the cognitive and socio-emotional skills necessary to navigate through life’s challenges, while better preparing them for school and higher academic performances. Early Learning can enrich the home learning environment and combat various disadvantages that might otherwise hinder children’s development and integration, leading to better overall outcomes.

The Early Learning programme is focussed on providing an authentic, child-centred environment that stimulates supportive interactions between teachers and children. Our personalized approach to learning recognizes each students’ unique needs and strengths and is supported by teachers who extend commitment and enthusiasm through creative, hands-on classroom exploration, enhanced by learning outdoors.

Our highly trained and qualified teachers effectively design, implement, and maintain a developmentally appropriate curriculum giving students the opportunity to develop emotional self-awareness, strategies for reflection, and a growth mind-set (note: Brockton School embraces the inquiry-based International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, adapted appropriately for developmental levels, as its framework for learning from Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 12).


Brockton’s Early Learning classrooms are focussed on purposeful inquiry, expanding ideas and thinking, personal connections, collaboration, experimenting and experiencing the world, and creative exploration. Brockton embraces the International Baccalaureate philosophy which allows strong early years teachers to make learning concrete and tangible such that it suits the developmental ages and stages of each student. Teachers work within the framework of the IB Early Years Programme, while being responsive to the children’s interests. Highlights of our Early Learning Programme include:


Brockton’s Early Learning program engages a level of co-creation with the children so that they are engaged in their own learning. This shared approach helps the children to expand their ideas and thinking and encourages them to collaborate with their teachers and classmates.


Each Early Learning student is exposed to a wide variety of “hands-on” activities that support the development of fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and promote creative expression and learning.


Through purposeful play, Brockton’s Early Learning children take risks, develop literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills, stretch their creative thinking, all while developing critical social skills.


We believe that physical activity and getting outside is an important part of school life. Lynn Valley provides our teachers and students access to a variety of outdoor spaces where each child is able to stretch their thinking through connections with the environment.


Specialist staff are engaged in distinct areas of Early Learning including: Modern Languages, Art, Physical and Outdoor Education, Music, Applied Design Skills and Technology.


Brockton School’s After School Care Program – Cub Care – is overseen by Brockton’s School Administration and is delivered by an in-house team of professionals who hold an appreciation for the philosophy and expectations of Brockton School’s educational programming. Cub Care supports a safe and inclusive environment that focuses on friendship, play, and fun. Activities are designed with student interests in mind and might include, but are not limited to: outdoor/ gymnasium physical play activities, guided arts, crafts & STEM activities, group play, reading, and/or homework.

Cub Care is for current Brockton students in Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten and runs every day from the end of the school day until 5:30pm. Registration details including price and scheduling options will be available at the beginning of each term.


Brockton is an independent co-educational secular IB World Continuum School offering an outstanding education to students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Brockton is an inclusive and welcoming environment where academic excellence is nurtured within a holistic and innovative learning environment and where each student and community member is truly valued.



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