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Brockton School’s mission is to inspire the growth of outstanding humans. Brockton is a highly-respected, inclusive, and innovative school that offers a comprehensive and robust academic and extended day program while prioritizing the holistic development of its learners. Brockton students are inspired to be self-aware and purpose-filled individuals who learn to thrive in a diverse and dynamic world. They are are both challenged and supported to pursue their personal dreams whilst contributing in a positive way to their greater community/society.

Brockton is a school that will not be distracted by comparison; instead Brockton is a school driven by its unique purpose. Brockton maintains a philosophy and approach that allows for authentic connections with, and service to, every student, every family and each, and every community member. Students are known, challenged, and supported as unique individuals, with unique genius, on a unique journey. Everyone at Brockton is somebody and has an opportunity to thrive. The diversity of the student body at Brockton is an absolute strength that  invites students to think beyond the traditional boundaries (e.g., creators, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow). The commitment of the faculty and staff to the Brockton students, the Brockton community, and the Brockton mission is entirely exceptional.

Brockton is one of a select group of International Baccalaureate (IB) World Continuum Schools hosting all four of the IB Programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP), and Career-Related Programme. Brockton offers educational programs starting in the Early Learning Years (Pre-Kindergarten) through Grade 12, and maintains connections and opportunities for Alumni thereafter. Brockton offers specialized courses and programs, taught/led by specialist teachers, coaches, and mentors. Within these courses and programs, Brockton innovates to provide our students with what they need today and with what they will need in the future. By inspiring students to reach for their personal best while promoting a holistic and meaningful sense of being, come graduation, students will be situated to pursue their post secondary aspiration of choice; and, even more-so, they will be situated to pursue a life of passion and purpose. Brockton is quite simply a magical place to be.

As you look through our website, I hope that you will get a sense of what it means to be part of the Brockton Community. It is indeed my honour to serve as the Head of Brockton School and I am joined by a truly dedicated and highly trained staff, an extraordinary and diverse student body, a welcoming and engaged parent community, and an extended community of alumni and friends/partners. I welcome you to explore what makes our school so special; I invite you to explore the genius and magic of Brockton.

– Karen McCulla, Head of School

Educating and inspiring the growth of outstanding humans in contribution to a better world.






Brockton School operates as a not-for-profit organization (known officially as the Brockton Preparatory School Society). The Brockton Preparatory School Society is governed by a Board of Directors and adheres to the BC Societies Act as well as its own Constitution and Bylaws.

The Board of Directors is a dedicated group of business and community leaders who give generously of their time and resources for the betterment of the school. Together with the Head of School, they work to set the strategic direction of the school, helping to ensure Brockton’s financial well-being and overall success.

Members are elected to the Board at the Annual General Meeting. The Board holds monthly meetings during the academic year and special meetings as required.

In addition, the Board has four standing committees: Nominations and Governance, Campus Vision, Advancement, and Finance, all of which work with the Board in a governance capacity to ensure that the school’s strategic goals are being met.


Among the special treasures of Brockton School are the outstanding faculty and staff. Brockton’s faculty and staff are drawn to the school because of the exceptional employment opportunity, but more-so, because of the exceptional opportunity to fulfill a meaningful purpose within a supportive and engaged community. Students and their growth/development are at the centre of all that is Brockton. Faculty and Staff believe in the direction of the school and are supported to work along with parents and students as a team with a common purpose.

With a depth and breadth of experience and credentials, the Brockton team innovates, creates, collaborates, and leads in a manner that allows Brockton and its constituents to pursue its goals most optimally. Amongst the team are multiple members who have advanced degrees and certifications, who have authored relevant and cutting edge publications, as well as those who regularly present and/or are engaged with leading professional organizations. Amongst the faculty, specialists are hired for the teaching of specialty areas (e.g., Math, Science, Music, Art, Technology, Languages, Physical Education, Outdoor Education, and more).

Brockton prioritizes ongoing professional development and maintains the highest of standards. Brockton, its staff, and its programs are accredited and evaluated by several associations including but not limited to the BC Ministry of Education, the Independent School Association of BC, the Federation of Independent Schools, the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools Association, and more.

We welcome you to get to know this amazing team that makes up the Brockton School faculty and staff!


Brockton School is not only a place of employment, it is a place of purpose.

Brockton is a highly-respected, inclusive, and innovative school that offers a comprehensive academic and extended day program while prioritizing the holistic development and strong foundations of its community of learners. There is attention to personal and social responsibility such that Brockton students are challenged to be self-aware and purpose-filled individuals; individuals who will be set to pursue their personal unique path whilst contributing in a positive way to their greater community/society. Brockton is a school where every student, family, and staff member are known, acknowledged, and supported.

Faculty and Staff receive healthy and competitive compensation packages and have the joy of working with low staff:student ratios in a supportive, innovative, and collaborative environment. Brockton prioritizes ongoing professional development and supports staff on their own personal/professional journey. Brockton’s mission is to inspire the growth of outstanding humans – and that includes inspiring the continual growth of our faculty and staff.

If you are looking to be a part of something special, to be in a place where your voice will be heard and your impact valued, to be in a role that will allow you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others with multiple opportunities for advancement, please apply to one of the opportunities available using the button below.



Brockton is an independent co-educational secular IB World Continuum School offering an outstanding education to students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. Brockton is an inclusive and welcoming environment where academic excellence is nurtured within a holistic and innovative learning environment and where each student and community member is truly valued.



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